• Barry M. Zekelman - CEO

  • John Clark - Partner

    "The Chamber's renewed dedication to policy and advocacy and to communication itself, that's going to attract new business to Windsor and that's important for us as a business-based law firm."

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  • Paul Holub - Vice-President, Human Resources

  • Marty Komsa –President & CEO

    "It's important that there are leaders in the community that stay in touch with each other, that are able to receive the most up-to-date information and the Gold Circle has been an effective way."

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  • Patti France - President

  • Trevor Ledrew – Regional Director, Investors Group

    “When we had an opportunity to partner with some of the greatest minds that this city has to offer, influential and committed people passionate about their city, I felt compelled and I can tell you that all the individuals in our office were really, really excited to not only partner with the Chamber of Commerce, but be a founding member of the Gold Circle.”

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  • Alan Wildeman – President & Vice Chancellor, University of Windsor

    “The Gold Circle is an opportunity for us to say we’re here, we’re part of the community, we want to contribute to its future, and we want to make sure we’re doing all we can in partnership with the other members of the community and members of the Chamber to try to move things forward.”

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  • Ellen Van Wageningen –Editor-in-Chief, Windsor Star

    “All of us contributing to problem-solving for businesses in Windsor and to create opportunity for Windsor is beneficial for the Star in that we’re gaining something from it in terms of our understanding of our community. The Gold Circle, to me, is a natural extension of what we do at the newspaper and a natural manifestation of us as an institution in Windsor.”

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  • Kevin Laforet – President & CEO Caesars Windsor

    “The Chamber of Commerce has been a great advocate for us and I think the Gold Circle is another way to strengthen that even more. It is a way for us to collaborate, a way for us to get our voice out there, and it’s a way for us to make an impact in the community.”

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  • Nick Thomas – Office Managing Partner KPMG Windsor

    “We want to give back to the community and play a vital part in the communities we serve. In our participation within the Chamber’s initiative in the Gold Circle, we just think it’s the right thing to do.”

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