Windsor-Essex Regional, Hamilton and Sault Ste. Marie Chambers Take Leadership Role for Steel Strategy and Windsor-Essex Regional and Greater Niagara Chambers Take Leadership Role on Regulating and Maximizing Benefit of Cannabis Industry

The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce (WERCC), has teamed up with Ontario Chambers to urge the Canadian Government to focus policy efforts for a Canadian steel industry strategy and to safely regulate the cannabis industry while at the same time maximizing the economic potential for Windsor-Essex. These two policy resolution are up for discussion at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting, taking place September 17-19 in Regina, SK.

The resolutions state:

Support the Canadian Steel Industry and its Supply Chain Clusters

The Canadian steel industry is a cornerstone of our national economy. It constitutes not only steel producers, but also the role it plays as a supplier and innovator for numerous manufacturing industries across the country. Recently, a combination of increased regulation, the instability of the global market economy and unfair market behaviour by foreign competitors has led to a sharp decline in their ability of our steel industry to compete globally.

The WERCC, Hamilton and Sault Ste. Marie Chambers recommend that the federal government focus public policy and investment efforts toward the steel industry, its natural clusters and the innovation it creates. This includes addressing ongoing unfair trade practices by foreign nations.

Maximize the Economic Benefit of Recreational Marijuana

The legalization of recreational marijuana, which has been promised by the current government as part of its 2015 election platform, would create a market worth up to $5 billion.

In the event that the Government of Canada passes legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use, the WERCC and the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce recommend that the government implement a regulatory framework that will allow competition and consumer choice while also protecting consumers, the public, and youth.

In order for a resolution to pass, it requires support from two-thirds majority of Canadian Chambers across the country. If the resolutions are approved at the AGM, the WERCC can move forward with advocacy efforts. These resolutions will help set the Canadian Chamber’s policy agenda for the upcoming year.

The WERCC has won five awards over the last four years for their work in policy and advocacy from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and look forward to continuing strongly in these efforts.