Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber Secures National Support for Regulating and Maximizing Economic Benefit of Cannabis Industry at Canadian Chamber AGM

Building on their continued regional leadership on the issue, the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce (WERCC) secured national support for their policy resolution to safely regulate and maximize the economic benefit of the cannabis industry. This took place Sunday at the Canadian Chamber’s Annual General Meeting in Regina, SK.

The resolution states:

Maximize the Economic Benefit of Recreational Marijuana. The legalization of recreational marijuana, which has been promised by the current government as part of its 2015 election platform, would create a market worth up to $5 billion.

In the event that the Government of Canada passes legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use, the WERCC, Abbottsford and the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce recommend that the government implement a regulatory framework that will allow competition and consumer choice while also protecting consumers, the public, and youth.

“This is an important win for our agriculture sector and‎ for our region,” said WERCC President & CEO Matt Marchand.

The AGM continues into Monday where the WERCC’s co-sponsored resolution to Support the Canadian Steel Industry and its Supply Chain Clusters will be debated.