Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce Disappointed with Ontario Energy Board Decision against Transparency

In early September, Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) President & CEO Allan O’Dette issued a letter to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) on behalf of 135 chambers across the province calling for more transparency in regards to charges related to Cap and Trade.

Specifically, the Chamber Network expressed concern over the fact that the OEB had made the decision to include the new cap and trade charges in the delivery charge on utility customers’ bills rather than putting them in a separate line item.

“Chambers across Ontario believe that transparency of the Cap and Trade program is an essential component of driving changes in consumer behavior, which is fundamental to achieving the government’s emission reductions. We’re very disappointed with the OEB’s decision to not have transparency on this issue,” said WERCC President & CEO Matt Marchand.

The Chambers believe that businesses in the province need to know how much cap and trade is costing them to ascertain whether they are being billed correctly and to whether their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been effective. Since Ontario already has one of the highest electrical energy costs in North America, such a lack of transparency could serve as another deterrent to those businesses considering coming to the province.

More than four dozen other like-minded intervenor groups/organizations also supported the Chambers’ position to have the Cap and Trade costs shown as a separate line item on the bills from our gas utilities in the province.