Special Bulletin from WERCC President & CEO on Province’s Electricity Announcement

The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce (WERCC) would like to thank our membership for voicing their concerns about the cost of doing business in Ontario, particularly the rising cost of energy.

Following yesterday’s speech from the Throne, the Ontario Government has committed to expanding the Industrial Conservation Initiative. Chamber members have been lobbying to lower the province’s hydro rates. An eight-per-cent reduction (HST portion) is just the start.

Now, any company that consumes more than 1MW will be eligible. Presently, 300 companies are enrolled in the program which has saved the grid 800MWs through conservation – relatively the size of two gas plants.

We’re going to keep pushing for the cost of electricity and the entire cost of doing business in Ontario to make us more competitive.

After yesterday’s announcement, another 1000 companies will be eligible. By simply enrolling in the program, those 1000 companies could each save 14% on their bill. Depending on their ability to reduce peak electricity consumption, they could save up to 34%.

The WERCC will keep its members apprised of more developments on this key issue as more information becomes available.