Soliciting Feedback from Members: Changing Workplaces Review

By now you are likely aware of the Ontario government’s Changing Workplaces Review and the impact the interim reports proposed changes could have on Ontario’s competitiveness and the ability of businesses in the province to create jobs and grow the economy.

Now it’s time to take action.

During the first round of consultations for the Changing Workplaces Review, the Special Advisors overwhelmingly heard from labour groups about needed changes. While important, we believe that balanced recommendations from the Special Advisors will necessitate broader engagement with employers, employer groups, and a broad cross-section of employees.

To that end, we are preparing a formal submission to the Special Advisors calling for an evidence-based approach and a full cost-benefit analysis of any substantial change accepted through this Review by the Government of Ontario.

To strengthen our submission, we’re asking you to call on your membership to submit their stories and feedback on how these changes will impact their businesses ability to hire and grow.

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