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Chamber's Position on the Auditor General

City of Windsor Offical Plan Review - Chamber Comments and Recommendations
January 25, 2010

Economic Development
Commercialization Incentives

Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber Resolution – Commercialization of SR&ED
October 2008

The purpose of the resolution is to recommend a Commercialization program that will be an extension of the existing SR&ED Program.

Interim Control By-Law

Olde Sandwich Towne Interim Control By-Law Presentation
February 25, 2008

The City of Windsor has made a decision to extend the Interim Control By-Law 19-2007 (as amended) for an additional year from the date of its passing, and retain Demolition Control By-Law 20-2007 indefinitely, or at least until the Community Improvement Plan by-law can be adopted. “

Land Planning

Sandwich South Master Planning Study
August 17, 2006

The area currently known as Sandwich South was acquired by the City of Windsor in 2003. The land is subject to a multi year master planning process. The plan includes areas designated for development in all land use categories, including commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use. As the only available Greenfield land within the boundaries of the City of Windsor the area is important for future economic growth.

Manufacturing Strategy

Challenges to Manufacturing Submission – November 23, 2006

On November 23, 2009 the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology held hearings in Windsor on the state of the Manufacturing Industry. The Chamber made a presentation with recommendations on addressinig the issues facing manufacturing in our region.

Regional Government

Letter in Support of Regional Government – July 7, 2008


Chamber’s Position on the elimination of the GST Rebate

Windsor Essex Regional Economic Development Initiative

April 26, 2006 WS, Marketing Key to Success – April 26, 2006

Economic Development Policy – November 2005

Funding Economic Development – May 6, 2008

Small Business

City of Windsor Small Business Task Force - July 4, 2007

Environment and Energy
Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Policy - December 21, 2009

Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment Letter to City of Windsor  - May 29, 2008

Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy for Windsor & Essex County – April 24, 2008

Finance and Taxation
City of Winsdor Budget

2010 Operating and Capital Budget

The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce supports the City of Windsor in approving its 2010 Budget as presented. The Chamber continues to be a strong advocate for fiscal prudence and adopting best business practices. These include finding cost savings, providing efficient delivery of City services and continuous improvement in financial management and reporting. This year, the Chamber observed a City of Windsor budget process that is truly addressing all of these issues and are pleased with the end result.

Chamber's Letter on the City of Windsor's 2010 Operating Budget (March 9, 2010)

2010 City of Windsor Tax Policies

Although 2010 levies are lower for all business classes, this is more a product of fiscal restraint in the budget we prevoiusly supported. The City still needs to review the actual tax policy and shift more of the tax burden away from the businesses and to the residential sector.

Chamber's Letter on the City of Windsor's 2010 Tax Policies (May 3, 2010)

2010 Ontario Budget

The 2010 Ontario Budget confirmed last year's budget policies and provided some new initiatives that will benefit business. Among the already established items was a commitment to spending on infrastructure, lower corporate taxes and the implementation of a new and expanded sales tax, the HST. “The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has already supported these fiscal measures as they will lead to strengthened business and new investment. Any investment in workforce training is also welcome and would lead to increased competitiveness for business,” stated Robert Rea, Chair of the Chamber’s Finance & Taxation Committee.


Sales Tax Harmonization in Ontario - December 21, 2009

Municipal Budget

2008 City of Windsor Tax Policy Response by Chamber – April 21, 2008

Business Needs Sign Positive Changes Coming – March 14, 2008

2008 City of Windsor Budget Presentation – February 26, 2008

Municipal Property Taxes

2008 City of Windsor Tax Policy Response by Chamber – April 21, 2008

Cross Border Shopping & Information
Transportation & Border Infrastructure

Detroit River Rail Tunnel Resolution - May 3, 2010

Letter to Premier McGuinty Regarding Windsor Essex Parkway, DRIC and GreenLink – April 29, 2008

Letter of Support for Detroit River Rail Tunnel (DRRT) - November 30, 2007

Windsor Detroit Border Crossing Resolution - 2007 Ontario Chamber AGM - May 6, 2007

Detroit River International Crossing Principles – April 13, 2006

Response to the DRIC – April 13, 2006

Windsor-Detroit Border Crossing Policy (With Detroit Regional Chamber) – October 24, 2005

Border Regulation

Thickening of the Border Information

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)

Response to Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative WHTI NPRM – August 27, 2007

Nexus and Fast

NEXUS Outreach Update – Summer 2008

Rail Policy
High Speed Rail

Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber Resolution – High Speed Rail – October 2008

Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Ontario Chamber's Answer to Common Objections to Harmonized Sales Tax in Ontario

Federal and Provincial Budgets

Ontario 2008 Pre-Budget Presentation – January 17, 2008