Go For Health Luncheon - Work Fit Life

BY lindseyr

Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Featuring Dr. Deborah Kane.

A recent Canadian-wide survey confirms what you already know; there’s no such thing as work life balance. Advances in technology that were intended to provide a healthier balance between work life and home life have failed. We now can be connected to work 24/7. Similarly, flexible work arrangements designed to decrease the stress experienced by employees struggling to meet the conflicting needs of family life and work life are rarely successful. Work life conflict negatively impacts employees’ performance and increases absenteeism. The stress associated with balancing work life and home life is costing businesses millions of dollars a year in lost time and health care costs. Promoting a healthy fit between work life and home life requires a supportive organizational culture as well as individual action. Strategies to promote healthy work and home life balance at the organizational and individual levels will be presented.

GFH_WorkLifeBalance_Luncheon Flyer (pdf)