Chambers Across Ontario Demand Transparency in Cap and Trade Costs for Business and Consumers

The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce (WERCC) along with chambers across Ontario, have asked the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) for Transparency of the cost of Cap and Trade charges in utility bills as they do in other jurisdictions.

“This was a grass roots chamber initiative starting with the Chambers of Windsor- Essex, London and Kitchener Waterloo a few weeks ago” said Matt Marchand, President and CEO of the WERCC. “We informed our colleagues and a letter from our Ontario President went out today,” added Marchand.

Chambers across Ontario believe that transparency of the Cap and Trade program is an essential component of driving changes in consumer behavior, which is fundamental to achieving the government’s emission reductions. Therefore the chambers respectfully request that the OEB reverse its decision and disclose the cost of cap and trade in utility bills.